Google Fiber Team Hires Former Time Warner Cable Executive To Take Over As CEO

After burning through two CEOs in the last year, Googlehas hired a former Time Warner Cable executive to lead the company's broadband-focused "Access" division, which oversees Google Fiber. Dinish Jain, formerly Time Warner Cable's Chief Operating Officer, replaces former Access CEO Greg McCray, who left the company last fall amidst a wave of questions about Google Fiber's dedication to its flailing project. McCray replaced Craig Barratt, who left in late 2016 after a wave of layoffs and Google's announcement that it would be scaling back on fiber deployments.

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"Dinesh “Dinni” Jain, an accomplished veteran of the US and European cable and telecommunications industries--most recently as chief operating officer at Time Warner Cable--starts as CEO of Access today,” reads a post published today on the official Google Fiber blog. “He will lead Access and its team, which includes employees at our headquarters in California and in the nearly 20 markets across the country where Google Fiber and Webpass have ongoing operations."

Needless to say, Jain has his work cut out for him given that Google has repeatedly made it clear that the company's interest in Google Fiber isn't quite what it used to be.

In late 2016 Google Fiber announced numerous layoffs after reports indicated that company executives were growing weary of the slow pace and high price of fiber deployment (a revelation met with a mammoth "duh" from people in the industry). The company suggested it would be partially pivoting to wireless as it explores numerous emerging wireless technologies (like millimeter wave) that could help reduce overall costs.

But that wireless dedication doesn't appear all that solid either, with the company recently pulling wireless service from Boston provided by Webpass, a MDU-focused wireless ISP acquired by the company several years ago.

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