Carriker Chronicles: What To Expect From Scott Frost\'s Husker Offense In 2018

Now, are they going to run some of the old-school, Nebraska-type offense because you know that Scott Frost loves it. I don't know that he wants to complicate his offense too much the first season. But are they going to run the ball? Oh yeah. They ran the ball almost 55 percent of the time a season ago. Now as far as time of possession, Chip Kelly, who Scott Frost learned under, tries to snap the ball every 18 seconds. Scott Frost is more in the 20s. Alright, so their time of possession was almost 29 minutes per game, which pretty good considering Chip Kelly's offense, who Frost learned under, is like in the mid to low-20s per game. So they're going to be a little bit more methodical with their fast-paced offense. It's going to be high-energy. It's not going to be boring. You're going to see an aggressive attitude. You're going to see fourth down attempts. They attempted almost 20, almost twice a game, 20 fourth downs a year ago. A fairly balanced offense as well. They had 38 passing touchdowns, 39 running touchdowns as well.

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Carriker Chronicles: What to expect from Scott Frost's Husker offense in 2018
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